About the Brand

Dýr Chocolates are special gifts for animal lovers. Dýr Chocolates elevate chocolate to another level, combining beauty with taste to delight all senses; a rich cocoa aroma, an uplofting sweet flavor, and a smooth texture. The sweetness appeals to the child in all of us, the high-quality dark chocolate appeals to the sophisticated taste palette of adults. Loaded with antioxidants and lower in sugar than most chocolate bars, Dýr Chocolate bars are vegan with all clean ingredients. Dýr chocolate sculptures are edible jewels, hand-painted in gold cocoa butter and dusted by hand with gold luster dust. Each Dýr design is inspired by the symbolism that cultures have ascribed to animals over the years. These special gifts are 3-dimensional, edible greeting cards - each one carries a special meaning to the recipient. Dýr, meaning "animal" in Old Norse and pronounced "deer" or "dear", is an expression of the love that husband-and-wife team Manya & Roumen feel for each other, for the animals in their life, and for the natural world. A talented and experiences sculptor and jewelry designer, Manya carves the original chocolate bar model out of wax after researching an animal's physical and metaphysical properties. After the prototypes are completed, food-grade molds of the carvings are created and then poured with teh highest quality, most luscious dark chocolate, and hand-painted with edible gold. Dýr Chocolates donates 5% of profits to local animal charities.

Dýr Chocolates
20 Julia Ln #323
Cold Spring, NY 10516